Starfleet Commander DescriptionEdit

The Zeus is the heaviest assault unit. Its massive firepower is unrivaled.
Zeus class


Cargo Capacity: 1000000

Speed: 100

Fuel Consumption: 1

Attack Strength: 200000

Shield Strength: 50000

Hull: 90000

Rapid Fire Against: Helios Class Solar Satellite x1250, Atlas Class Cargo x250, Hermes Class Cargo x1250, Prometheus Class Destroyer x5, Hades Class Battleship x15, Hercules Class Cargo x250, Poseidon Class Cruiser x33, Artemis Class Fighter x200, Apollo Class Fighter x100, Ares Class Bomber x25, Athena Class Battleship x30, Dyonisus Class Recycler x250, Gaia Class Colony Ship x250, Charon Class Transport x1250

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