Original Description:Edit

The Zekkon is an excellent telepath and especially suited to espionage. While orbiting an alien planet, it maintains contact with its home planet's Brain, constantly transmitting
current information from the planet below.

Zekkon have extraordinary telepathic abilities, which allow them direct contact to the Xen Brain. As telepathic signals cannot be triangulated, Zekkon are the perfect spies. The 10 m body is 90% biological and therefore unmanned.

Zekkon units have the same function as the Scan Link System or the Impulse Scanner. If they are located in an orbit of a system's planet for espionage, they unfold the same recon ability on the galaxy map like the Impulse Scanner or the Scan Link System for a range up to 10 fields (at the highest level), with the display of the symbols on the galaxy map that is described in the "Status icons on the galaxy map".


Hull: 320

Number of Lasers: 1

Laser Strength: 1

Speed: 2

Fuel Consumption: 24

Tank Capacity: 480

Costs: 575xMetal, 595xCrystal, 870xDeuterium

Zek Needed: 1

Construction Time: 5 minutes

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