Original Description:Edit

The small and agile ships of the Xnair class have been used for centuries to raid other planets. Their small reach however only allows raids into neighboring solar systems.

With 35 m length and a crew of 2, the Xnair is the fastest Xen manned combat unit. This attack unit is quickly built and has a carrying capacity of 285 units inside the cargo bay. The Xnair often serves as an escort to larger units.


Hull: 370

Number of Lasers: 12

Laser Strength: 23

Speed: 13

Cargo Capacity: 285

Energy Consumption: 5

Fuel Consumption: 3

Tank Capacity: 15

Costs: 290xMetal, 100xCrystal, 350xDeuterium

Zek Needed: 5

Construction Time: 9 minutes, 40 seconds

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