Original Description:Edit

When added to an assault, he Macid sprays a corrosive fog in the direction of its enemies. The fog inflicts massive damage on the hull of ships, causing damage and reducing
hull integrity by up to 50%.

300 m length and a crew of 110 make the Macid the largest Xen tactical unit. About 60 members of the crew are trained as gunners and fire acid guns at hostile ships. The highly corrosive acid devastates ship hulls in a matter of minutes, preparing the onslaught of the second attack wave.


Hull: 1400

Number of Lasers: 1

Laser Strength: 1

Speed: 2

Energy Consumption: 18

Fuel Consumption: 21

Tank Capacity: 63

Costs: 1830xCrystal, 2200xDeuterium

Zek Needed: 18

Construction Time: 43 minutes, 50 seconds

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