VUX Intruder screenshot (Sega Genesis version)

The VUX Intruder can definitely be an opponent to be wary of when engaging in combat with.

Whenever a battle with an Intruder begins, it will instantly appear in Truespace very close to their opponent about 95% of the time, immediately gaining a very good tactical advantage. Its weapon, an Optical Gigawatt Laser, burns through several meters of duralloy at once, which has a long range and is also very powerful. The ship also has the highest amount of fuel possible for a Hierarchy ship, tying with the Ur-Quan Dreadnought as far as fuel capacity, and it also refuels quickly as well. Its special power, the Limpet Cocoons, are also very hindering, as they attach themselves to enemy ships, slowing down their turning and/or thrusting speeds, plus the Intruders also have a big crew as well. The ships are also fairly cheap to build during a full game.

Unfortunately the ships have the slowest turning speed possible for a Hierarchy vehicle, along with the slowest amount of thrust as well, as several Alliance ships (their enemy) with halfway decent speed can outrun them easily.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Ur-Quan Hierarchy
  • Crew size: High
  • Fuel amount: Highest
  • Refueling speed: Fast
  • Thrust: Slow
  • Turning speed: Slowest
  • Ship speed: Slowest
  • Weapon range: High
  • Weapon damage: Very high
  • Special power: Limpet Cocoons
  • Cost to build (full game only): Fair


  • Until the very first VUX captain met up with the very first Earthling captain of a starship, the VUX had not yet chosen a military side to join. However, with the Earth captain not being very aware of how well translators worked, unfortunately said the alien was “one ugly sucker”, enraging it then (which earned the VUX nickname, which stands for “Very Ugly Xenoform”), choosing to join the Hierarchy then, rather than the Alliance of Free Stars (which the Earthlings are a member of).
  • The VUX Intruder closely resembles the Klingon D-7, or K't'inga class from Star Trek in an overhead view of the ship.

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