Uhlek ship revealed after scan (on Genesis version of Starflight).

Spacefaring UhlekEdit

Not much is known about the mysterious Uhlek race, due to no Interstel Starship ever making contact with them. The Uhleks are known to constantly open fire during an encounter, never responding to hails (no matter what posture is used, being either friendly or hostile), nor broadcasting their own either.

Although details are sketchy, other races have provided information about the Uhleks, stating that they, along with the Gazurtoids (who are similar in that they usually open fire when encountering other races, along with also having powerful weapons), led some kind of wave of attacks across the galaxy hundreds of years before.

Uhlek warshipsEdit

These hermit crab-shaped purple ships, even though not very large, weld the severely destructive plasma bolt for weapons. Their shield class is also very high, ranking at 40. Shields can be penetrated with either buzz bombs or phasers (on the Genesis version of Starflight) . The warships usually appear in groups of three at most.


  • Weight: 5000 tons
  • Shield class: 40
  • Weapon: Plasma bolt
  • Known cargo: Endurium, aluminum, titanium


Leaving a Black Egg (explosive device) on the Uhlek Brain World (not in Elowan territory, as the Thrynn would have you believe) will rid the galaxy of the Uhleks. However, this has no effect in the Sega Genesis port, as the Uhleks are still encountered and attack as usual.

This is apparently a weird bug in the Sega Genesis port. Instead all you have to do is "log" the Uhlek Brain World for colonization. Exact steps to follow:

Go to Uhlek Brain World system 65,32 - planet 2.  Scan it.  Analyze it.  THEN log it.  That's it!  Uhlek are all gone.  You don't need to blow the planet up.