Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Titans.... the word says it all.. Massive, titanic sized battle stations, that move very slowly through space. These are the biggest structures capable of interstellar voyages. Titans
are not considered ships - they do not share the regular strengths and weaknesses that normal ships have. They are designed to fire at great distances against any target and the bigger the target is, the more effective their fire is. Titans are the nemesis for all Orbital Stations. They fire equally well against all ships as long as they stay in their range. As all things, Titans do have one weak spot - they are almost helpless at close range combat. If a ship manages to get very close to them, it will be relatively safe from the Titans massive firepower. Titans should always go into combat with a fleet of small ships, which to stop the enemy's ships from closing onto them. During combat as long as there are other ships escorting the Titans, they are out of the range of the enemy and do not suffer damage. However even when left alone, Titans are not easy to take down - they have massive structures and can take a lot of damage before going down.


Attack: 200000

Hitpoints: 2000000

Speed: 0.8

Cargo Hold: 300000

Ship Size: 2000

Crew: 5000

Building Time: 72 h

Bonuses: x2 times greater attack when firing at Space Stations, their massive size makes them very hard to destroy

Minuses: 10 times less firepower, when no other ships are around to protect them, fire with: 25% of their attack against Fighters and Raiders, 50% of their attack against Cruisers, 100% of their attack against Destroyers

Required: Level 1 Orbital Scaffold, Level 1 Tactics

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