Original Description:Edit

The Recycler is specialized on the exploitation of prowling debris fields, comets and asteroids. With its highly developed tractor beam capture system it can harvest huge
amounts of resources within a short period of time and gets them back to its home planet.

The Titan Recycler is equipped with several fully automatic tractor beam targeting systems. A crew of 40 is enough to navigate and operate this giant, which devotes 90% of its 600 m length to cargo storage. Carrying capacity is 1000.


Hull: 445

Armor: 12

Number of Lasers: 1

Laser Strength: 1

Speed: 10

Cargo Capacity: 1000

Energy Consumption: 7

Fuel Consumption: 45

Tank Capacity: 450

Costs: 1765xMetal, 2620xCrystal, 1315xTritium

Construction Time: 3 hours, 29 minutes

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