Original Description:Edit

The Delphi is the most modern ship which Titans have ever built. An innovative energy module supplies the ship systems with enough energy so that shields and propulsion rate
among the best of the whole universe.

In spite of its length of only 80 m, this small combat vessel has impressive firepower. 6 gunners direct the fully automatic weapon systems. Two propulsion engineers, two pilots and two navigators work to keep operations smooth. The Delphi usually serves as escort to transport missions.


Hull: 1600

Armor: 10

Number of Lasers: 76

Laser Strength: 18

Speed: 20

Energy Consumption: 18

Fuel Consumption: 29

Tank Capacity: 464

Costs: 6215xMetal, 6720xCrystal, 3865xTritium

Construction Time: 6 hours, 40 minutes

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