Original Description:Edit

The carrier is the largest ship in the universe. Thousands of unmanned combat drones are housed within it. Because nearly everything runs automatically Carriers hardly need
any crew. The energy consumption is pretty low in relation to its combat strength.

It's impressive size of 12,500 m makes the Carrier a real behemoth. Attacks on this unit need extraordinary firepower to succeed. Even without an escort, the Carrier is a formidable opponent. Equipped with hundreds of smaller Interceptors, the Carrier causes massive damage to unarmored units. The Carrier itself has medium armor and is very slow. More than 7,400 men and women serve aboard this complex, which is the size of a small town.


Hull: 18500

Armor: 5

Number of Lasers: 1500

Laser Strength: 20

Speed: 7

Energy Consumption: 120

Fuel Consumption: 500

Tank Capacity: 7000

Costs: 103500xMetal, 149000xCrystal, 71500xTritium

Construction Time: 187 hours, 30 minutes

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