Original Description:Edit

The Small Transporter has no arms but a huge shipping space for metal, crystal and deuterium. On raids against unguarded planets it is a good alternative to expensive combat
ships. However, you should not send a Transporter on its own.

This technological masterpiece of logistics needs only a crew of 5 to operate its vast bulk of 150 m. Fully automatic systems flawlessly regulate all loading operations. Without an escort, however, these units are an easy target. Carrying capacity is 2000.


Hull: 720

Armor: 5

Number of Lasers: 1

Laser Strength: 1

Speed: 9

Cargo Capacity: 2000

Energy Consumption: 9

Fuel Consumption: 11

Tank Capacity: 110

Costs: 2736xMetal, 2880xCrystal, 1585xDeuterium

Construction Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

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