Original Description:Edit

The Pulsar is a small combat unit that reduces enemy shields by using an EMP impulse. As it does not own any weapon systems it is dependent on the support of other combat

Adding the two impulse emitters at the vessel's front prow, the Pulsar measures almost 60 m. A crew of 12 is enough to position this ship and incapacitate hostile units with a precise electromagnetic pulse. These units are exclusively found as part of larger battle fleets.


Hull: 1600

Number of Lasers: 1

Laser Strength: 1

Speed: 4

Energy Consumption: 20

Fuel Consumption: 24

Tank Capacity: 168

Costs: 4080xMetal, 3000xCrystal, 4920xDeuterium

Construction Time: 8 hours, 20 minutes

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