FreeSpace Port Description:Edit

The standard Terran Probe is an all-purpose instrument that can be used in a variety of situations. They are found in missions ranging from unmanned exploration of new
systems, to scientific observation of interesting areas of space, to surveying of patrol routes or suspected enemy positions. In a pinch, they can be deployed as communicationsbuoys or as couriers for important messages or scientific data. Their great speed and small size make them useful in battle situations where the enemy will most probably give them a low target prority.


Type: Probe

Model by: Dark

The Terran Vasudan War Project Description:Edit

The Firebee is a simple drone, used for basic combat training. It is an unmanned craft, carrying only a single training cannon. The training cannon itself is contained in an armored sleeve allowing it to be recovered and reused after the drone itself is destroyed.

Different Specifications:

Type: Drone

Max Velocity: 80 m/s

Length: 14 m

Hardpoints: 1 (Standard: 1xT-01 Trainer)

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