Original Description:Edit

The large recycler was designed for harvesting great amounts of resources during deep space assignments. It comes with an efficient engine to allow long range travel. Due to the
dangerous nature of deep space assigments, the large recycler is the only armed recycling unit.

This technological masterpiece of logistics needs only a crew of 45 to operate its vast bulk of 1,200 m. Fully automatic systems flawlessly regulate all loading operations. This unit also carries weaponry to defend itself. Cargo capacity is 20000.


Hull: 5000

Armor: 10

Number of Lasers: 28

Laser Strength: 60

Speed: 6

Cargo Capacity: 20000

Energy Consumption: 93

Fuel Consumption: 180

Tank Capacity: 2160

Costs: 25000xMetal, 21000xCrystal, 15500xDeuterium

Construction Time: 46 hours, 30 minutes

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