Original Description:Edit

This ship was initially a secret project of Nebula to fight against the mighty Titan ships. The combination of thick special steel and modern shield technology makes this ship
nearly invulnerable against light attacks.

With eight enormous rocket batteries, the cruiser is among the most heavily armed ships in the galaxy. Considering the huge length of 3,000 m, carrying capacity is rather small. However, there is room for a crew of 3,700. The armor is extremely strong, so that this vessel serves as a valuable rear base during battle.


Hull: 7350

Armor: 25

Number of Lasers: 50

Laser Strength: 160

Speed: 8

Cargo Capacity: 4000

Energy Consumption: 100

Fuel Consumption: 400

Tank Capacity: 4000

Costs: 105000xCrystal, 67000xCrystal, 38000xDeuterium

Construction Time: 166 hours, 40 minutes

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