Original Description:Edit

The Battleship was designed for war. It offers maximal fighting capacity and speed while costs remain low. Unfortunately the energy efficiency was neglected so this ship is very
expensive to supply.

This robust ship has a total length of app. 1,000 m and an excellent armored hull. Five rocket batteries protect the 1,300 crew members and are especially effective against enemies with light armor. Although carrying capacity and hit points are less when compared, this vessel is a cheap alternative to the cruiser.


Hull: 595

Armor: 5

Number of Lasers: 40

Laser Strength: 22

Speed: 15

Cargo Capacity: 475

Energy Consumption: 19

Fuel Consumption: 7

Tank Capacity: 49

Costs: 2225xMetal, 1940xCrystal, 1535xDeuterium

Construction Time: 3 hours, 10 minutes

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