Original Description:Edit

The Horizon-class battleship is a next-generation warship intended to give captains unrivaled versatility in battl

A Horizon emerging from a nebula.

e. It was designed and produced by StarCorp Industrial Group in one of their privately-owned starsystems. SCI Group has declined to name the system responsible for production. Its unique hull shape gives it excellent heat disappation capabilities, allowing it to carry weapons more powerful than many of its counterparts. This awe-inspiring vessel is 4.2 km long, and carries 7 assault beam cannons, 9 anti-fighter beams and 26 Advanced Laser Cannons. All the weapons aboard a Horizon are directed energy systems. Without having to handle bulky ammunition storage and transport mechanics of ammunition-based weapons, the Horizon was given a
vast hangar tied into a multi-purpose production system. The production system allows the Horizon to rebuild its fighter complement independently of installations or planetary bases, provided it has the materials to do so. The advantage of this is that it allows the ship to change its strategic capabilities in flight, and it does not have to rely on supply lines to restock and repair. As long as the Horizon has a logistics fleet with it, it is a viable combat vessel, and can execute attacks that would be strategically impossible with standard fleet supply methods.


Type: Battleship

Max Velocity: 35 m/s

Length: 4236 m

Turrets: 7xLRBBlue, 9xAAAf, 26xTerran ADV 3.

Model by: Esarai

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