Syreen Penetrator screenshot (Sega Genesis version)

Although all Star Control ships could probably be considered unique, the Syreen Penetrator is definitely unique in many ways.

The Penetrator is most useful in combat by using its special power rather than its regular weapon, as its Syreen Song sucks away enemy crew via their ships' airlocks and can incorporate them with their own crew. The ships start out with only a fair-sized crew, but can not only add enemy members to theirs, but they can also achieve a full crew by conquering a Hierarchy colony world (see Note), as the ships also have the room for the fullest crew possible out of all Alliance vessels.

The Penetrator also has a good thrust and turning speed, as well as a high ship speed, a high weapon range, and they don’t cost much to build during a full game.

Unfortunately colonists can only be recruited from enemy Hierarchy planets during a full game, plus the Penetrator missile weapon is weak, the ships have a low amount of fuel, and only a fair refueling speed.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Alliance of Free Stars
  • Crew size: Fair to highest
  • Fuel amount: Low
  • Refueling speed: Fair
  • Thrust: Very high
  • Turning speed: High
  • Ship speed: High
  • Weapon range: High
  • Weapon damage: Very low
  • Special power: Syreen Song
  • Cost to build (full game only): Fair


Syreens are banned from recruiting from their own side (Alliance) of colony worlds, yet can forcefully recruit enemy members from a Ur-Quan Hierarchy colony planet to join their ship, then destroy the planet afterwards.

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