Galactic Imperia DescriptionEdit

Increases the possibility to intercept enemy spying probes. Increases the distance from which detailed data is given for the attacking fleet.
Surveillance Network

The levels of the infiltrating Spying probe and the defending Surveillance Network are compared to calculate the chance of infiltration. Same method is used for calculating the distance at which the defending player sees details for the attacking fleet. (exact number and type of ships) When the levels are equal the chance for success is 50%
When there is 1 level difference the chance of success is 75%
When there are 2 levels difference the chance of success is 99%* Even when the spy is 2 or more levels less than the Border posts, it still has a very small chance of success. When the levels are the same, the defender will see the exact make up of the attacking fleet 30 minutes before its arrival, if there is 1 level difference, the defender will see the details 10 minutes earlier or later, if there are 2 levels of difference it will be 20 minutes and for 3 levels of difference - 30 minutes. So if the attacker has 3 levels Espionage higher than the defender's Surveillance network, the defender will not be able to see any details for the attacking army! (other than the total number of ships)


Base Price: 700 platinum

Requirements: Level 1 Research Station

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