Nexus: The Jupiter Incident DescriptionEdit

The Stiletto class is the most famous battleship of the Spacetech company. It is fast, strong and very manoeuverable. Its weaponry is easily reconfigurable, making it perfect for
a variety of tasks. 47 of them have been manufactured to date, purchased mainly by governments and megacorporations interested in space research.

Fast, strong and very manoeuvrable, medium size warship.


The first Stiletto class ship built, also named the Stiletto, under the command of Marcus Cromwell, found and captured the Angelwing. Another ship, the ISF Hawking, was attacked by two OSEC ships, which were both destroyed with the help of the Stiletto. The Razor, of the same class, had a survivor on board, saved by the Angelwing. Four more ships were present at the battle for Earth, destroying communication relays.


Type: Warship

Length: 518 m

Hardpoints: 10

Hangar bay capacity: 10

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