Spemin ship revealed after scan (on Genesis version of Starflight)

Spacefaring SpeminEdit

The Spemin turned out to be a bit of a paradox throughout the years.

They are a race of blobs, and due to their behavior in the year 4620, lived up to their stereotype as to being “spineless”, as they would boast about how advanced they were and the like, although when they threatened violence, their last words before cutting off communications would usually be about a “Spemin victory!”, yet they would usually flee without opening fire. However, whenever a non-Spemin species would either react with hails in a hostile manner or open fire on the Spemin, they would change their tune, begging to not be blasted into bits.

By 4638, though, the Spemin had a complete turnaround somehow, acquiring very destructive firepower, heavy shields that would somehow still function in nebulas, and some kind of phase jump artifact, making them impossible to shake when attempting to flee an encounter with them.

Spemin ScoutshipEdit

The makeup of the Spemin Scoutships differs by year. They weigh 400 tons, and originally they had no shields in 4620, but by 4638, not only were shields added to their ships, but they were also ranked at class 6 and they somehow still functioned in nebulas. Originally their ships had only a pulse cannon, but those were replaced by plasma bolts in 4638. They also acquired some kind of phase artifact by then as well, which, once opposing ships began fleeing the Spemin and it looked like they were outrunning them, the Scoutships would suddenly appear right next to the opposing ship, keeping up with them, due to a phase “jump” that their ships could perform.

Known cargo that the Scoutships carry includes Endurium, lead and iron.


  • Weight: 400 tons
  • Shield class: None originally, Class 6 by 4638
  • Weapon: Pulse cannon originally, plasma bolts by 4638
  • Extra: Phase artifact (4638)
  • Known cargo: Endurium, lead, iron

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