Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Your Space Station is the most important defense building of your planet. It can take tremendous amount of damage, while letting the ships docked inside of its force fields to shoot back at
Space Stations
the attackers. Until it is taken down no one can reach the ground cities and plunder them (however, it cannot prevent Raids on the planet's population!). The Space station also has an attack on its own so it is completely capable of defending a planet even without any docked ships. It also increases the productivity of a planet by 10% per level.


Defends the planet

Every level increases the production in the planet by 10%

Protects the gathered resources of the planet

Base hitpoints 48 000

Base attack 1 000

Base garrison: 10 structure slots

Every level gives: x2 the docking space of the previous level,

Basic price: 300 metals, 1000 alloys

Price increase: Every level increases in price by x4

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