Ogame Description: Edit

Scientists discovered a method of transmitting electrical energy to the colony using specially designed satellites in a geosynchronous orbit. Solar Satellites gather solar energy
Solar Satellite
and transmit it to a ground station using advanced laser technology. The efficiency of a solar satellite depends on the strength of the solar radiation it receives. In principle, energy production in orbits closer to the sun is greater than for planets in orbits distant from the sun. Due to their good cost/performance ratio solar satellites can solve a lot of energyproblems. But beware: Solar satellites can be easily destroyed in battle.


Costs: 2000xCrystal, 500xDeuterium
Xlarge 212

Structural Integrity: 2000

Shield Power: 1

Weapon Power: 1

Rapid fire against: 5xSmall Cargo Ship, Large Cargo Ship, Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Colony Ship, Recycler, Bomber, Destroyer, 250xDeath Star

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