Ogame DescriptionEdit

The first ship built by any emperor, the small cargo is an agile resource moving ship that has a cargo capacity of 5,000 resource units. This multi-use ship not only has the ability
Xlarge 202
to quickly transport resources between your colonies, but also accompanies larger fleets on raiding missions on enemy targets. [Ship refitted with Impulse Drives once reached level 5]


Cost: 2000xMetal, 2000xCrystak

Structural Integrity: 4000

Shield Power: 10

Weapon Power: 5

Cargo Capacity: 5000
Tranportor mic

Base Speed: 5000 (10000)

Fuel Consumption: 10 (20)

Rapid Fire From: 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite

Rapid Fire Against: 3xHeavy Fighter, 3xBattlecruiser, 250xDeath Star

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