Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Sentinels are extremely valuable ships. They are with greater range and much more powerful attack than its lighter versions - the Strike Fighter and the Heavy Fighter. Also they
are the best units for garrisoning Space Stations since they give the most attack per structure size. Due to their long range missiles the Sentinels are deadly against all Raiders class ships.


Code Name: Vulture

Attack: 600

Hitpoints: 1500

Speed: 1

Cargo Hold: 450

Ship Size: 2

Crew: 15

Building Time: 6 h

Costs: 750 metals, 300 isotopes

Bonuses: x6 times greater attack when firing at Raiders, x2 times greater attack when firing from within the Space Station force field (when in garrison), fires 2 rounds before other units (that will be round 1 of the battle effectively).

Minuses: Weak against Destroyers, Cruisers and Space Stations

Required: Level 1 Shipyard, Level 10 Artillery, Level 4 Terraforming

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