Inferno R1 Description:Edit

The Amritaya appears superior even to the Sathanas in conventional firepower, although this breed of Shivan juggernaught does not have a subspace weapon of any sort. A
colossal beam cannon is her main armament, and she has double the Sathanas' juggernaut cannons as a secondary weapons matrix. The offensive capability of this warship exceeds that of entire GTVA fleets.


Type: Juggernaut

Max Velocity: 15 m/s

Length: 7000 m

Turrets: 8xShivan Rapid Laser, 4xShivan Missile, 10xSAAA, 4xMRed, 10xHRed, 5xBFRed, 1SBFRed

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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