FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The SF Aeshma is a relatively rare, and only recently encountered, class of Shivan fighter. It appears to be a heavy attack fighter, like the Basilisk. With a low known top speed,
Aeshmas seem to target slower-moving vessels, such as bombers, freighters, and gas miners. Their powerful lasers make them a danger to all such craft, so they must beengaged and destroyed as quickly as possible.


Type: Heavy Attack

Max Velocity: 68 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 110 m/s

Length: 30 m

Hardpoints: 4 (FS2 standard: 2xShivan Mega Laser, 2xShivan Mega Laser)

Missile Banks: 1 (FS2 standard: 80xTrebuchet)

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