Ancient-Shivan War Description:Edit

The Vassago class Shivan destroyer appears at the mainstay of their fleets. They are usually noted to have 4 cannons in front, making it very dangerous when it is directly
Sd vasago
attacking our vessels. However, the Vassago's armour is rather light, lighter than our own destroyer class vessels. In many respects, it seems to be the main destroyer of the Shivans, just like the Pylos is considered in our own fleets. It also seems deploying a number of small craft from a visible hangar. With all these aspects in mind, the Vassago should be a high priority target in an engagement.


Type: Destroyer

Max Velocity: 20 m/s

Length: 1754 m

Turrets: 4xShivan Cannon, 3xShivan Megafunk Turret, 6xShivan Uber Laser, 3xShivan Light Laser, 11xShivan Turret Laser

Model by: I don't have a bloody clue

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