FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Lucifer is the greatest threat to the survival of the GTA, the PVN, and both the Terran and Vasudan species. It wields three massive Flux Cannons which can destroy one
of our capital ships in a few hits. These same cannons have been seen bombarding colonized worlds. With four full fighter squadrons, and a massive array of defensive turrets, the Lucifer would be extremely difficult to destroy.
The fact that it is protected by a sheath shielding system which makes it completely impervious to any kind of kinetic or plasma damage makes it impossible to destroy. We have yet to find a way to breach this shielding technology. It is hoped that a solution will be found soon. Assuming that a solution is found, we have managed to gather enough data on the Lucifer to destroy it. In a recon mission, we were able to determine that the Lucifer is powered by five reactors across its surface. If these reactors are destroyed in a short amount of time, the Lucifer will be stopped.
If we cannot stop the Lucifer, we do not expect to be able to defeat the Shivans. We have no way of knowing if there are more than one Lucifer-class destroyer. However, any that exist should be considered more dangerous than a Class A threat.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The SD Lucifer was a massive superdestroyer that led the Shivan armada in the Great War. No weapon in the allied arsenal could penetrate the Lucifer's shields. In the Altair system, Vasudan scientists uncovered ancient artifacts that explained how to track ships into subspace, where the Lucifer's shields would not function. A desperate mission to attack the Lucifer in subspace succeeded. But the explosion of the Lucifer collapsed the Sol jump node, severing all contact with Earth. The victory over the Lucifer effectivelyended the Shivan invasion.


Type: Destroyer

Max Velocity: 15 m/s

Length: 2777 m


FS1: 11xShivan Turret Laser, 2xFighter Killer, 2xShivan Cluster, 2xShivan Super Laser

FS2: 11xShivan Turret Laser, 2xFighter Killer, 2xShivan Cluster, 2xSmall Red Beam