FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

While far more rare than its counterpart, the Cain-class cruiser, the Lilith is one of the most ferocious cruisers we have had the misfortune of combating. It has extremely strong
weapon systems, as well as a very thick armor which our cannons can barely penetrate. One for one, the Lilith can easily destroy any of our cruisers. It is for this reason that they should be considered a primary target for all bomber squadrons in the GTA. The Lilith should be considered a Class A threat to any ships that encounter it.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The SC Lilith class of Shivan cruisers is a far-deadlier foe than the Cain class. Nearly impenetrable armor plating enables it to withstand tremendous punishment, enabling its nine turrets to lash out at warships and combat spacecraft with impunity.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 20 m/s

Length: 190 m


FS1: 6xShivan Turret Laser, 1xShivan Heavy Laser, 2xShivan Cluster

FS2: 5xShivan Turret Laser, 2xShivan Cluster, 1xAnti-Fighter Beam, 1xLarge Red Beam