FreeSpace: The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Cain is by far the most common cruiser in the Shivan fleet. It is also the weakest. However, the Cain should not be underestimated. It has many turrets, as well as a cluster
bomb defensive mechanism. As a strike cruiser, the Cain mostly appears in attacks against GTA or PVN capital ships and cruisers. In these cases, it should be destroyed immediately. The primary weakness of the Cain appears to be its unshielded turrets. Most of the turrets on the Cain can be destroyed with minimal damage.The Cain is a Class B threat.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The weakest of the Shivan cruiser classes is designated SC Cain. These vessels were commonly encountered during Great War battles. Cains are considered to be slightlystronger than the GTC Fenris cruiser class.


Type: Cruiser

Max Velocity: 30 m/s

Length: 190 m


FS1: 4xShivan Light Laser, 3xShivan Heavy Laser, 2xFighter Killer

FS2: 3xShivan Light Laser, 2xShivan Heavy Laser, 2xFighter Killer, 1xAnti Fighter Beam, 1xSmall Red Beam