FreeSpace: Silent Threat DescriptionEdit

The new Seraphim class bomber is the Shivan's latest threat. It is three times larger than a Nephilim, and carries a massive payload at least 150% the size of the Nephilim. With
strong hulls and almost impenetrable shield system, the Seraphim is easily the most dangerous bomber we have yet encountered.

The Seraphim has been designated a Class A threat to GTA destroyers and cruisers. In unpopulated systems, it is to be considered a Class B threat.

FreeSpace 2 DescriptionEdit

The SB Seraphim is a familiar foe to GTVA forces. They appear to be similar to Nephilims in speed, armor, and shield strength, but have demonstrated a larger bomb capacity.


Type: Bomber

Max Velocity: 60-90 m/s

Length: 57.9 m

Gun Mounts: 11 (FS1 and FS2 standard: 6xShivan Light Laser, 2xShivan Light Laser, 3xShivan Light Laser)

Missile Banks: 4 (FS1 standard: 40xMX-50, 40xSynaptic, 80xPhoenix V, 80xMX-50)(FS2 standard: 40xMX-64, 40xPiranha, 80xTrebuchet, 80xMX-64)

Turrets: 2xShivan Light Laser