The SA-08 was the model of the Silpheed ship used to battle forces of the Xacalite terrorist group targeting the mother planet Earth in the fist Silpheed game.

The ship itself is said to be a prototype not yet out of the Alpha-stage testing. It is one of only six in existence at the time, bearing the #1 designation while 2-6 were undergoing construction at a MW Union base at the time.

The mention of the SA-08 utilizing a helium burner instead of a hydrogen burner could mean that most common propulsion systems are hydrogen-based ion thrusters while the Silpheed's Nesseller Na-23 engine is a Helium-3 fusion process rocket.

It could be said that the original Silpheed game takes place sometime between the event that improved deep space travel technology in the year 3032 and when the events of the second Silpheed game took place in the year of 3076. Therefore, it is likely that the SA-08 design was eventually scrapped in favor of the much more advanced design of the SA-77.

SA-08 Silpheed Edit

Group Fighter
Type Super Dogfighter
Length 18.5 m
Span 14.8 m
Height 5.2 m
Dry Weight 36.5 t
Max Weight 40.2 t
Crew 1 man
Engine Nesseller Na-23
Reactor Hauray Ha-54-C
Max Range 24,540 Mm
Armament Forward Beam

Phalanx Beam


Laser Cannon

Auto Aiming

Armor Energy Shield

"Citadel" laminate armor plating

"Clear Alloy" armored canopy

Max Speed 102 km/sec
Max Power 5.8e24 PS (Metric hp)

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