Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Small and extremely fast ships. Raiders, as their name suggests, are the best ships to raid enemy planets with. Their speed is their greatest advantage since a fleet of Raiders
can reach any point of the known space in very short time and wreck havoc on the enemy's population centers. Raiders are especially equipped to combat Cruisers and even the smallest of them are dangerous to all Cruiser class ships. Raiders are almost useless against Space Stations. As Space Station garrison, Raiders are the worst possible choice.


Code name: Mosquito

Attack: 50

Hitpoints: 2000

Speed: 3

Cargo Hold: 150

Ship size: 1

Crew: 5

Building time: 3 h

Costs: 225 metals, 90 isotopes

Bonuses: x4 times greater attack when firing at Cruisers, incredibly fast, good Raiding ship

Minuses: Weak against Destroyers, Fighters and Space Stations

Required: Level 1 Shipyard, Level 1 Short Range Attack

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