Original Description:Edit

One of the first Rah'li ships to be encountered, the Tigris is extremely capable in the role it was built for. Armed with two banks of kinetic warheads, four gun mounts, and the
Kvhost disabling beam, the Tigris is a small but fierce craft. While its light armor makes it a poor choice in extended fighting, the Tigris' agility and armament will allow almost any pilot to escape intact.


Type: Light Recon

Manufacturer: Sventikov Corp

Maneuverability: Excellent

Max Velocity: 95-140 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 170 m/s

Armor: Very Light

Length: 17 m

Hardpoints: 5 (1xKvohst, 4xMirage FD-4)

Missile Banks: 1 (100xMauler-S)

Model by: Kieve

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