Original Description:Edit

The Seshat is a new Vasudan space superiority fighter. Weaker than our Eris but faster, the Seshat is the first truly balanced fighter the PVN has ever built. The Seshat carries
320px-PVF Seshat
an average weapon loadout and is compatible with a wide range of Vasudan weapons. Like the Terran Apollo and Eris, the Seshat's main strength is adaptability. It can't intercept as well as a Horus, wade into a thick firefight as well as a Seth, or dogfight with the deadly grace of a Thoth, but it can do those things all at once, unlike other Vasudan fighters.

The Seshat is a class C threat.


Type: Space Superiority

Manufacturer: Akheton Corporation

Maneuverability: Good

Max Velocity: 75-90 m/s

Max Afterburner Velocity: 150 m/s

Armor: Average

Length: 25 m

Hardpoints: 4 (2xKhopesh, 2xMekhu HL-7)

Missile Banks: 2 (40xRockeye, 40xInterceptor)

Model by: Aldo, StrarComm

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