FreeSpace:The Great War DescriptionEdit

The Anubis is the weakest fighter in the Vasudan Navy. However, they are extremely cheap to manufacture, and are often used in swarm situations to try to overwhelm the
opponent with numbers. A few radical Vasudans have been known to load the ship with explosives and attempt to steer themselves into GTA capital ships. The first occurrence of this was the battle of Rexias 4, where the GTD Goliath was destroyed by a squadron of kamikaze pilots.
Due to its lack of afterburners and low weapon capacity, the GTA has classified the Anubis as a class D threat


Type: Light Fighter

Manufacturer: PVN

Maneuverability: Good

Max Velocity: 75-90 m/s

Armor: Light

Length: 23m

Hardpoints: 2 (FS1 standard: 2xML-16 Laser)

Missile Banks: 1 (FS1 standard: 60xFury)