Nexus: The Jupiter Incident DescriptionEdit

Gigantic, multifunctional spacestation equipped with powerful defense systems and a fort shield.
Noah Outpost


Outpost: A small lightly armored space station, usually used for civil purposes only.

Combatstation: Armored military space station, usually equipped with shipyard and other military oriented modules. It is also armed with various weapons.

Battlestation: Heavily armored military space station, equipped with fortshield and several weapon slots. Usually it also has 4 to 8 supporting weapon platforms.


There are 3 types of Noah stations, listed above. The only time one such installation is encountered is during the Siege of Fort Avalon, a Combatstation. In the specifications part of this article three numbers will be listed, the first for the Outpost, the second for the Combatstation and the third for the Battlestation.


Type: Installation

Length: 1500m, 1500m, 1840m

Hardpoints: 16, 16, 16

Hangarbay Capacity: 40, 40, 40


Stargate: Stargate module for operating and closing wormholes.

Sensor: High efficiency sensors and other recon devices.

Research Lab: Labs and scientific facilities.

Shipyard: Large hangar for repairing ships.

Storage: High capacity storage facility.

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