Mmrnmhrm ships pic (from Sega Genesis version of Star Control)

Although all ships are unique in Star Control, the Mmrnmhrm X-Form (also known as the Mmrnmhrm Transformer) could possibly be considered the most unique out of the entire Alliance of Free Stars's roster, due to it being two entirely different ships in one (being similar in concept to the Androsynth Guardian on the enemy Hierarchy side), each having its own strengths and weaknesses.

In its default state, the X-Form deploys Afterburner Missiles that travel a very long range but inflict only minimal damage upon contact with an enemy ship (tying with the Shofixti Scout has to having the weakest primary weapons of the entire Alliance side). Although having a decent refueling speed, employing a high amount of thrust and having its overall speed being the highest in the entire Alliance roster, the ship’s turning speed is actually the lowest of all Alliance ships.

The X-Form’s special power enables it to transform into a totally different fighter ship, which has a higher refueling speed than when compared to the ship in its default form, although its thrust is a little lower. The ship’s turning speed is a huge improvement though, being very high, although its overall speed is the lowest of all Alliance ships. Its primary weapon of twin laser cannons deal a much larger amount of damage though when compared with the ship’s default form, but unfortunately their range is quite low.

Both ships (either form) have a very low amount of fuel and only a fair-sized crew, plus the cost to build one during a full game is fairly high.

  • Alignment: Alliance of Free Stars
  • Crew size: Fair
  • Fuel amount: Very low
  • Refueling speed: Fairly high (original form), very high (special power)
  • Thrust: Highest (original form), very high (special power)
  • Turning speed: Lowest (original form), very high (special power)
  • Ship speed: Highest (original form), lowest (special power)
  • Weapon range: Highest (original form), lowest (special power)
  • Weapon damage: Very low (original form), very high (special power)
  • Special power: Changes into an entirely different ship
  • Cost to build (full game only): Fairly high


In the alien and starship specifications instruction book that came with the Sega Genesis version of Star Control, the given name of the ship is the Mmrnmhrm X-Form. When the ship database is brought up in the Practice mode of the game, however, it is identified as the "Mmrnmhrm Transformer" on the screen.

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