Minstrels ship revealed after scan (in Genesis version of Starflight)

Spacefaring MinstrelsEdit

The Minstrels are a mysterious race that not much is known about. Whenever they encounter an alien race, they do not respond in a regular manner, but in a poetic fashion, giving out clues to the Ancients and other races via verse.

The Minstrels have never been known to speak in a hostile tone or shown any violent intentions.

Minstrel shipsEdit

Minstrel ships are tiny, weighing only two tons. They have no shields but they are armed with a pulse cannon. Unlike most ships where their cargo is revealed with a regular scan, their cargo (if any) cannot, for some reason or other, be revealed. Likewise, their type of ship is also unknown, as a scan will also not determine if these are scoutships or any other kind of ship.


  • Ship class: Unknown
  • Weight: Two tons
  • Shields: None
  • Weapon: Pulse cannon
  • Usually carries: Unknown

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