Minbari Flyer
Affiliation: Minbari Federation
Length: 29.19m [1]
Crew: 1
Jump Capable: No
Weapons: 2 light fusion cannons

The Minbari flyer is a small shuttle of unknown class used by the Minbari to transport passengers and cargo, and is capable of both atmospheric and space flight.[2]

Known Vessels Edit

  • Zhalen: The Zhalen was Delenn's personal flyer, kept in a docking bey on Babylon 5 since 2257.[3] [4] In 2258, Delenn took the ship to a rendezvous with the Valen'Tha, when leadership of the Grey Council was offered to her, but she turned it down. The Zhalen later went to Minbar aboard the Valen'Tha.[5] One year later, it went to meet with the Valen'Tha in regarding the removal of Delenn from the Grey Council. The Zhalen went to the Streib home world to help rescue Captain John Sheridan, who was captured by a Streib vessel. [4] In 2260, the Zhalen brought Delenn and Lennier to the White Star. [6] The Zhalen went to meet with the Grey Council on the Valen'Tha about the crisis in the Earth Alliance. [7]
  • Lumini: In 2260, the Lumini transported Fleet Captain Lennan to Babylon 5 from his flagship, which was on station near Babylon 5.[8]
  • Minbari Flyer 969: Flyer 969 was the callsign of the flyer given to Jha'dur by the Minbari Wind Swords clan. In 2258, Jha'dur piloted the ship to Babylon 5 with the intent to sell her "universal anti-agapic" serum to the Earth Alliance. Shortly afterwards Jha'dur's Flyer left the station for Earth Alliance space but was destroyed before entering the Jumpgate when a Vorlon cruiser exited the gate and fired on Jha'dur's vessel. [9][10]
  • Unnamed Flyer: Courier vessel assigned to Babylon 5. In 2259, Lennier arranged to borrow the Courier's flyer in order to accompany Delenn to her meeting with the Grey Council.[4]


  • An alternate, yet very similar design of Minbari Flyer can been seen taking off in the opening shot of "War Without End, Part I".

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