Nexus: The Jupiter Incident DescriptionEdit



Little concrete information is available on the Mechanoids, except that they attempt to subjugate and/or destroy everything they encounter. According to the Vardrags, the recent Wormhole Cataclysm (realigning of the wormhole network) and the collapse of several stars are the works of the Mechanoids. There is a theory that they are rogue AIs created by the long-dead Creators, and are trying to remake the universe to fit their needs, even if it means they have to eliminate all who stood on their way.

The Mechanoid nanomachines themselves are not alive, but instead controlled by a vast and powerful artificial consciousness known as "The Entity". The mechanoid nanomachines can change their physical shape at will. Usually, they take on the form of a complex geometric shape about 1/8 the size of Angelwing and can fire a powerful energy blast that can destroy many ships in only a few shots.
Mecha 1

The first one met by the crew of the Angelwing was at the Shukenja Beta station, where it attacked the ship. Another one was found incapacitated twice by the Locusts, and subsequently absorbed by the Angelwing, while more where present at Gate Alpha and near Chakris.

Firing on them is all but futile, as any weapons only recharge them. The only viable means of destroying them are the Energy Skeeter and the Anti-Mechanoid shield. It seems that they can't go through wormholes.


Type: Mechanoid

Mecha 2

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