Ogame DescriptionEdit

As time evolved, the raids on colonies resulted in larger and larger amounts of resources being captured. As a result, Small Cargos were being sent out in mass numbers to
compensate for the larger captures. It was quickly learned that a new class of ship was needed to maximize resources captured in raids, yet also be cost effective. After much development, the Large Cargo was born. To maximize the resources that can be stored in the holds, this ship has little in the way of weapons or armor. Thanks to the highly
Transportor mare
developed combustion engine installed, it serves as the most economical resource supplier between planets, and most effective in raids on hostile worlds.


Cost: 6000xMetal, 6000xCrystal

Structural Integrity: 12000

Shield Power: 25

Weapon Power: 5
Xlarge 203

Cargo Capacity: 25000

Speed: 7500

Fuel Consumption: 50

Rapid fire from: 5xEspionage Probe, 5xSolar Satellite

Rapid fire against: 250xDeath Star, 4xBattlecruiser

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