Interstel Police ship revealed after scan (on PC version of Starflight)


Upon release, several versions of Starflight (including the PC) were not copy protected, although they came with an encoder wheel as part of the purchase. These had a list of alien artifacts, races, and well-known areas in the game. Whenever the player initiated the command to launch their ship from the Arth space station, the game would ask for the number found when a certain artifact, race and area were lined up on the wheel for the player to type in. If they got the number incorrect, the game would ask them to “double check”, but still allow the ship to launch if the player still got the number wrong even after a second try.

The player could continue their game for a while until they found themselves surrounded by many Interstel Police ships at some point.

Spacefaring Interstel PoliceEdit

When first encountered, the ISS Police will state that the player is under arrest for software piracy. If they do not respond, the police will open fire on the player’s ship. If the player initiates communications, they will be asked for the correct code this time around. If they give the correct code, the police will offer “our apologies”, as there was “some kind of mistake” made, and wish them to “have a safe voyage”, along with powering down their weapons and leaving the encounter.

Interstel Police shipEdit

The Police ships are known to carry gold, silver and platinum, yet no kind of fuel can be detected with a scan. Even though they only weigh 300 tons, their shield class is 75. Their weapons are unknown.

Ship specificationsEdit

  • Weight: 300 tons
  • Shield class: 75
  • Weapon: Unknown
  • Known cargo: Gold, silver, platinum

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