Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Imperial Titans dwarf the regular Titans in size... Three times as large, three times as powerful... there is only one minus to them compared to their smaller brothers - the Imperial
Titan imperial
Titan is even slower... Every strength and weakness of the Titan is true for the Imperial Titan as well, however their sheer size makes next to impossible to take down even when left with no escort. These are the ultimate battlestations, the height of military and civil engineering, the pride of any emperor!


Attack: 600000

Hitpoints: 6000000

Speed: 0.6

Cargo Hold: 900000

Ship Size: 6000

Crew: 15000

Building Time: 144 h

Costs: 2000000 metals, 19200 isotopes

Bonuses: x2 times greater attack when firing at Space Stations, their massive size makes them very hard to destroy

Minuses: 10 times less firepower, when no other ships are around to protect them, very slow, fire with: 25% of their attack against Fighters and Raiders 50% of their attack against Cruisers 100% of their attack against Destroyers

Required: Level 1 Orbital Scaffold, Level 4 Terraforming, Level 7 Tactics, Level 15 Artillery, Level 15 Shields

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