Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

The fastest capital ships. The only thing this ship has to worry about is running into a swarm of Phoenix class Raiders... It is not very effective against Orbital Stations, but its
Nava de linie
sheer firepower can makeup for it and take down all but the mightiest of them. Shares all strengths and weaknesses of the lighter Cruisers, while being faster than them.


Code Name: Hammerhead Shark

Attack: 4800

Hitpoints: 48000

Speed: 3

Cargo Hold: 7500

Ship Size: 48

Crew: 240

Building Time: 18 h

Costs: 12000 metals, 4800 isotopes

Bonuses: x3 times greater attack when firing at Strike Fighters, x4 times greater attack when firing at Destroyers

Minuses: 4 times less attack when firing at Raiders, 2 times less attack when firing at Space Stations

Required: Level 1 Shipyard, Level 13 Short Range Attack, Level 4 Terraforming, Level 13 Shields

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