Nexus: The Jupiter Incident DescriptionEdit

Huge capacity supply and repair ship, equipped with Fort Shield system. It can carry fighter and bomber squadrons.
Human support ship

Gigantic carrier which is often used as a flying base for escorting the fleet. The dock has provision for carrying fighter and bomber squadrons. The support ships primary function is not to engage enemies but to provide protection for the whole fleet by deploying its most powerful tool, the fort shield, which can also recharge other ships with spare energy. The support ships generator is the largest in the whole fleet.


By far the most well known is the Colossus, comandeered by Daryl Sanderson. These ships have good firepower, but rely on the fort shield and other ships for protection. During the last stages of the Mechanoid Invasion the fort shields were replaced with anti-mechanoid shields, as the support ships were the only ones capable of carrying it.


Type: Support Ship

Length: 1800m

Hardpoints: 17

Hangarbay Capacity: 30

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