Nexus: The Jupiter Incident DescriptionEdit

Medium size, relativley fast warship, equipped with light armor, high capacity destructive and precision weapon systems.
Human cruiser

A well armed craft that almost matches a battleship in size. It has 6 weapon slots with availability for 2 heavy weapons (Note: The weapon generator cannot provide energy for all of them). Has facility for deploying gunboats.


The cruiser is a widely used ship, with great armour, shielding and armament. Encountered on most fronts during the Gorg War, Raptor War or Mechanoid Invasion, the most prolific example is the Avalanche, which was part of Marcus Cromwell's battlegroup. The first ship encountered by the Angelwing after traveling through the Earth-Noah jumpgate was the cruiser "Marco Polo". Some participated at the Titan Station Siege. Quite a lot of them had been captured by the mechanoids following the incident with the Mars Entity Orb, and so 3 of them were guarding it, and 6 more were present at the Earth battle on the mechanoids side.


Type: Cruiser

Length: 629 m

Hardpoints: 16

Hangarbay Capacity: 14

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