Starfleet Commander DescriptionEdit

The Hermes is a small, incredibly fast unmanned probe meant for exploring enemy territory. Sending these on an espionage mission will get you a report about their planet. Even
Hermes class probe
though the Hermes has a small amount of cargo space to hold fuel, it is unable to capture resources from a raid on an enemy planet.


Cargo Capacity: 5

Speed: 100.000.000

Fuel Consumption: 1

Hull: 100

Rapid fire from: Zeus Class x1250, Poseidon Class Cruiser x5, Prometheus Class Destroyer x5, Hades Class Battleship x5, Atlas Class Cargo x5, Artemis Class Fighter x5, Hercules Class Cargo x5, Ares Class Bomber x5, Gaia Class Colony Ship x5, Apollo Class Fighter x5, Athena Class Battleship x5, Dyionysus Class Recycler x5

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