Galactic Imperia Description:Edit

Basically the Heavy Fighters are an improved version of the Strike Fighters. Their greatest advantage is that they have 50% better firepower to size ratio than the previous model,
Interceptor greu
which makes them even better choice when defending Space Stations.


Code Name: Crow

Attack: 300

Hitpoints: 750

Speed: 1.1

Cargo Hold: 225

Ship Size: 1.2

Crew: 7

Building Time: 4 h

Costs: 375 metals, 150 isotopes

Bonuses: x6 times greater attack when firing at Raiders, x2 times greater attack when firing from within the Space Station force field (when in garrison), Fires 1 round before other units (that will be round 2 of the battle effectively).

Minuses: Weak against Destroyers, Cruisers and Space Stations

Required: Level 1 Shipyard, Level 5 Rockets, Level 4 Terraforming

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